HORTI+ 01: 2021 another challenging year

With the ongoing impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic we, like many businesses, have had to re-think our strategy & vision in order to adapt and respond to these exceptional times we’re currently facing. In addition to the global pandemic the current shipping crisis showed us once again the huge strategic benefit of having multiple production sites. With the shortage of shipping containers combined with large scale maritime hubs almost grinding to a halt we were able to fall back on our different production sites in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India and in Brazil to ensure our substrates arrive to our customers’ greenhouses with as little delay as possible.

2020 was a challenging year for many businesses and 2021 is turning out to be a rather exceptional year as well where we need to stay vigilant and reactive.

As always we remain optimistic and positive about the future. In order to sail calmly through stormy seas you have to keep on innovating, improving and adapting to the changing conditions, which is exactly what has enabled us to continue growing, literally and figuratively, over the last 25 years.