New Commercial Manager for France & Switzerland

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Andréa Gayet who has joined the Biogrow commercial team and will be looking after the French and Swiss markets. Thanks to her experience in sales & agriculture she is a great addition to the team. Originally from Sarthe in central France, she did her Masters at the Ecole supérieure des agricultures in Angers before moving to Perpignan and working in the fruit & vegetable commercial sector at Saint Charles.

Below Andréa tells us about her educational and professional background before arriving at Biogrow:

“Since high school, my choice has mainly been focused on agricultural schools. I started with a horticulture technician diploma and then went to the Angers agricultural school, where I completed training in commerce and management then completed a master’s degree in Agribusiness. After numerous internships carried out during my studies in different structures in the agricultural sector, I began my professional career as a fruit and vegetable salesperson.

Being the daughter of an apple producer, I have always been attracted to the agricultural sector. It is a very interesting sector to study with multiple facets and which offers great professional opportunities.

There are numerous reasons that made me want to to join Biogrow. What I liked first of all was working with a renewable product, which corresponds to our current and global issues.

For me it is important in our work to be in line with our personal values. In addition, Biogrow is a developing and dynamic company that is always open to new projects. Its international openness through its subsidiaries is also a plus, it allows you to discover and exchange with companies from all continents.

Finally, the position I currently hold within the company allows me to have a good balance between technology and business, which are the two areas in which I wanted to perform.

In addition to visiting our customers & distributors in France I will also be visiting the Biogrow production sites in India & Sri Lanka.”