Biogrow works with several partners to keep developing solutions matching the new requirements of growers around the world.


HortiNed is an experienced company specialising in providing professional and full support to international growers, investors or horticultural suppliers. Collaborative solutions – that is our ambition!

Green Fizz

Aiming to work with high quality substrates with eco-friendly products, growers from south of France have decided more than 20 years ago to develop cocopeat substrates. With this know-how for professional growers a new range has been developed for hobby gardeners

Tom d'Aqui

Based in Parentis en Born, Tom d’Aqui grows tomatoes under Rougeline network ideology : healthy,  sustainable and environmentally friendly growing.

With this aim, Tomd’Aqui does not use fossil energy, uses organic substrates, biological pest control. We tend to zero pesticide and also zero waste in the environment: everything is recycled!

Our ambition is to grow tasteful varieties under thorough quality process to be consumed locally.