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BIOGROW Substrates Philippines has been incorporated in December 2019 in Davao and is the latest seedling of the BIOGROW Group. We are in the process of launching a new production facility in the Philippines to anticipate the ever-increasing demand for top quality substrates. As one of the major coconut producers of the world, it was natural to choose the Philippines for the project. The new site will allow us to cater for our Asian clients, particularly in China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam… 

BIOGROW expects to set up a production line of Growbags, but also other Cocopeat and Coco Chips products such as 5kg Bales, 25kg Bales as well as Coco Fiber products. Always with the same professionalism and will to deliver the best products to hydroponic vegetable growers.

As a sustainable development project, we have associated with a local NGO to help set up the knowledge and technology transfer to local cooperatives and coconut farmers. Our aim is that 3000 to 5000 of them will join our project, get additional incomes, and be helped out of poverty. As always Biogrow believes that working with the community and growing with it is the best way to make our business reliable, resilient, and bring positive impacts around us.

Biogrow Philippines