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Biogrow Brasil started its activity in Brazil in 2002 in the municipality of Conde, located on the northern coast of the state of Bahia (150 km north of Salvador). At the outset, the idea was to supply the international market with growbags, by partnering with a local defibration company. In 2006, Biogrow Brasil bought its own land, still in the municipality of Conde, and turned its activity to the Brazilian national market where the use of coconuts was starting to develop. Biogrow Brasil currently employs 70 people and subcontracts the hull supply. 

The production is marketed under the Ecogrow brand, in 100-liter bags and non-compacted 40-liter bags. For 2019, average monthly production was 2,450 m³. Biogrow Brasil’s product range goes from coconut cut into cubes: chips, crush, chips 1 to crushed coconut, washed and unwashed: coconut + fiber <1 cm, coconut + fiber 2 cm, coconut + fiber> 3 cm. The main market for Biogrow Brasil is the flower market in the city of Holambra in the state of São Paulo. 

The other important markets are: citrus plants, eucalyptus nurseries, horticulture. There are secondary markets: vine plants, fruit tree (avocado) and native tree nurseries, and since this year, there is the development of the succulent plants and cacti market.

In 2016, Biogrow Brasil joined forces with a Brazilian partner to develop the production of ready-to-use substrate by creating the Holamgrow company located in Holambra. Biogrow provides Holamgrow with coconut as a raw material for making these blends. The Holamgrow structure also allows Biogrow Brasil to market its products for retail. In 2019, Biogrow Brasil using the Holamgrow structure, started importing coconut from India and peat from Estonia.

Emmanuel PERNET
Biogrow Brasil

A Biogrow Brasil produz fibra e pó de coco para os mais variados tipos de cultivos, atendendo com agilidade e assistência técnica, as necessidades existentes no mercado, e inovando em uma constante busca para o aprimoramento de seus produtos com o objetivo de oferecer melhores resultados perante seus clientes.

No Brasil, Biogrow possui uma estrutura de vendas e produção Ecogrow que faz parte da Biogrow Brasil.