Peat Moss

Our premium quality peat moss is harvested in Estonia where environmentally responsible peat moss extraction safeguards peatlands as an abundant renewable resource. This is achieved through responsible management that sets aside areas for protection and conservation. In Estonia there has been a quota system in place since 1996 that ensures the protection and restoration of peatlands. Currently, our production area is 600 ha of land with further expansion planned in the future. 

Organic Substrate Made by Nature

Peat consists of 95% organic material. It is a mixture of decomposed plant material, which has accumulated in a water-saturated environment without oxygen. Peat moss is an excellent soil conditioner, as it increases the soil’s capacity to hold water and adds porosity required for plant root system development.

Logistics & Transport

We offer peat moss in the following fractions: 0-5 mm, 0-07 mm, 0-10 mm, 0-40 mm, 5-40 mm, 10-40mm. We can also supply custom-made peat substrates according to the client’s needs. Our substrates can be enriched with microelements and mineral fertilisers and can be further supplemented with Clay and Perlite. With a dedicated logistics service and many years of export experience you can rely on us for a seamless service from start to finish. Compression bag sizes: 225, 300 and 6,000 liters

40HC Container

Thanks to our favourable location, we can easily arrange for our products to be shipped, combining land transport with sea transport. 

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